Our transcription services include interviews, focus groups, lectures, sermons, market research, business transcription, academic transcription, podcast transcription, legal transcription, dissertation interview transcription, text-to-text transcription, Spanish transcription, Spanish translation, and much, much more...

Why Chromolume Transcription?

In order to help you select a transcription company for your transcription needs, we have compiled some relevant information to explain why Chromolume Transcription is the best choice!


Our rates, starting at $1.25 per audio minute, are at the low end of the industry standard, but that does not mean we sacrifice quality!


We guarantee 98% accuracy on good audio and often reach beyond!


Confidentiality could be considered our top priority in many ways. While many companies will plaster your name and your company's name all over their website to promote themselves, we do not. Not only is your work confidential, but so are you! We never sell or make available any of your information to anyone unless you give us permission to do so.


We have been in business for nearly a decade and aren't going anywhere. Most companies are fly-by-night companies or people working from home in their off-hours while doing another job. Or worse, they just cannot handle the volume. Although we are considered a small business, we have the capacity to handle several projects at the same time with the same quality of service for everyone, large and small!

U.S. Based Company AND Transcribers

While many transcription companies have been outsourcing their work (your work!) to foreign countries, we have remained true to ONLY hiring U.S. based transcribers for our U.S. customers. (We do have a few Canadian transcribers for our Canadian customers). We feel very strongly that in these uncertain economic times that your hard earned dollars should remain and benefit the U.S. economy and its citizens.

Referral Discount Program

All Chromolume Transcription customers can earn a $25 credit towards your next project EACH time you refer friends, family or coworkers to Chromolume Transcription. Not only do YOU receive a $25 credit, but so does the person you refer. Consequently, it's a rewarding way to tell others about the benefits of being a client of Chromolume Transcription.

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