Our transcription services include interviews, focus groups, lectures, sermons, market research, business transcription, academic transcription, podcast transcription, legal transcription, dissertation interview transcription, text-to-text transcription, Spanish transcription, Spanish translation, and much, much more...

Privacy Policy

Confidentiality is our #1 Priority.

While many companies will plaster your name and your company's name all over their website to promote themselves, we do not. Not only is your work confidential, but so are you! We never sell or make available any of your information to anyone unless you give us permission to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use my personal information?

Your personal information is only used as contact information regarding your work.  No one can see or have access to your personal information, such as your name, address, phone number, and credit card number.  Your personal information is never shared with a third party, and it is against our privacy policy to do so.

How do you use my audio materials?

Your audio materials are used for transcription purposes only. The audios are used by the transcriptionists who type your work, after which they are deleted from our server. All typists are required to sign a Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement with us upon hire, which is legally binding. You can be guaranteed that any audio materials will not be shared with any third party. It is against our privacy policy to do so.

How can I be certain that my audio materials are secure on your FTP server?

You audios are protected on our FTP Server. Once the transcripts are completed, the audios are then deleted from our FTP Server.

Confidential Working Environment

Typist Confidentiality.

Many transcription companies have been outsourcing their work (your work!) to foreign countries, jeopardizing not only the quality of your project, but the confidential nature of it. Not only have we remained true to ONLY hiring U.S. based transcribers for our U.S. customers. (We do have a few Canadian transcribers for our Canadian customers), we require they sign an agreement to keep your work confidential and to not disseminate any information in regards to it. Rest assured that your work is being done in the United States AND that it will remain confidential.


Randall, Carrollton, TX

Thank you for sending the transcriptions. They look great and I appreciate you getting them to me during the busy holiday season.

Vernon, San Diego, CA

The format you presented is very clean and your transcriptionists picked up on words the other vendors did not. Thanks!

Vance, Philadelphia, PA

Thank you for your prompt turnaround on this. This has been a very positive experience having only just picked your company out of the blue off the web. I will most definitely be in touch with more transcription services in the future.

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