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Entertainment Transcription

Chromolume Transcription (headquartered in Santa Monica, California) provides accurate, affordable, and high-quality transcription services for all different members of the entertainment industry, whether in pre or post-production.

Whether your production is film, documentary, TV, reality shows, or even radio programs, using Chromolume Transcription to do your entertainment transcription has many benefits, such as:

Radio and Television Production Dictation!

As we are based in the movie/TV capital of the world, we have worked with many media organizations from talking head interviews to full-fledged shooting scripts for various television and reality shows currently and previously on air. Further, we have worked with production companies across the country, not just in our home town of Los Angeles, California. In addition, our trained staff has provided transcription for several radio shows across the country. Our typists can provide you with SMTPE timecoded transcripts in all mediums, usually at NO additional cost (some restrictions apply).

We guarantee our work!

Chromolume Transcription is the best choice for your needs. Not only is our work proofread, but we also guarantee 98% accuracy. Further, 100% confidentiality is our #1 priority! We do not ever splash any of our clients on our website to advertise who we have done work for. Consequently, not only are your documents confidential, but so are YOU and everything you do.


Other benefits!

Partnering with Chromolume Transcription for your outsourced entertainment transcription work can have a considerable number of benefits.

These many benefits include:
  • Discounted rates for your entertainment transcription with rates as low as $1.25 per audio minute

  • Ability to record any radio program from a streaming website and provide you with a digital copy at NO additional charge

  • Ability to work with many different forms of digital and analog media with conversion of same at NO additional charge

  • US-based typists NO outsourcing to foreign countries, where their understanding of the language can be limited!

  • Saves your valuable time and effort, which can be devoted to more important activities

  • Secure method of delivering files that contain highly sensitive data by using 256-bit encryption technology

  • Backup of audio and document files

  • Timely, friendly, and courteous communication seven days a week, and, in most cases, 24/7

  • Delivery of documents in formats comfortable to you

  • SMPTE timecodes added, usually at NO additional cost (some restrictions apply)

  • Referral program, which can save you and your colleagues

  • Spanish Transcription and/or translation available

To get started, or to find out more information,

call us at (866) 375-2441 Ext. 701

or email us at transcription@chromolumeinc.com

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