Our transcription services include interviews, focus groups, lectures, sermons, market research, business transcription, academic transcription, podcast transcription, legal transcription, dissertation interview transcription, text-to-text transcription, Spanish transcription, Spanish translation, and much, much more...

A Few Words About Us

Chromolume Transcription

Chromolume Transcription is a full-service transcription and translation company that provides the Legal, Medical, Insurance, Entertainment, Corporate, Government and Education industries with high-quality, confidential, affordable and on-time transcription and translation services.

Chromolume Transcription can transcribe content from almost any audio or video format whether they are analog or digital. We pride ourselves on our efficiency, affordability, confidentiality and most important, deliver your project on time and accurately. Our clients include major law firms, researchers, educators, production companies and writers from across the country.

Chromolume Transcription is a division of Chromolume, Inc. headquarted in downtown Santa Monica, California.



Julie, Pacifica, CA

You are terrific!!! Exceeding expectations - we really appreciate it! You make me feel like I really have an ally and friend in the process!

Chris, Boca Raton, FL

Thank you for your excellent service. This was a great job considering the hassles on our part in getting the material to you, as well as the quality of the material. I'm also very impressed with the support you provided and the constant communications.

Sheri, Long Beach, CA

We use Chromolume because Joyce is MY FAVORITE person to work with!

Our Advantages

Why Chromolume Transcription?

We can sum up our advantages over other companies in three words: affordability, reliability and confidentiality. If you are worried about price, try us; if you are worried about your work being completed on time, try us; if you are worried about the confidential nature of your work, trust us. We have been in business for nearly a decade and aren't going anywhere!

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